Frequently Asked Questions

1. Our Company and Services

is an academic writing service that is there to help you out with all aspects of your studies. Our services include: writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, formatting, and any other academic help.
The process is quite simple. Before placing your order, you can contact our Client Support Center via phone (phone number: +1 (855) 254 6593), email ( or Live Chat with your order details and they will then find a writer/editor to help you with your assignment. Alternatively, you can instantly place your order on the website by clicking on the Order Now button and make your individual order. Your selected scholar will be given the exact specifications and details of your assignment (the title you have specified when placing your order, academic referencing style, specific sources, structural requirements, etc.) and complete it in the designated time frame. We will then check and proofread the finished paper and email it to you. Your private information will be kept confidential at all times.
Yes. We have a team of qualified professional writers to cover all major subject studies at US and UK universities and schools. By having a large team of writers and researchers we are able to quickly get hold of the most suitable expert for most of orders within an hour or less, while complex or unusual requests may take up to a day.
If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the product you receive, you are welcome to request free revision within 20 days of receiving your final order. The revision process is quite simple - we just ask you to request revision from your room, select deadline and describe what exactly need to be revised. You can be assured that your request will be delivered to the writer in a few minutes.

2. Our Guarantees

Yes. We do not re-publish your paper or sell it to third party. Your name, phone number, and location will only be known to our customer support department. We will never pass your personal information to your writer/editor, unless you personally ask to do so for the sake of the project. Again, we will never re-sell or re-publish your paper to any third party, since we take your confidentiality very seriously.
By having such a large team of professionals, we boast to have the majority of orders to be delivered prior or according to the set deadline. We might only be late in extreme situations, when a scholar falls ill, gets hospitalized, is involved in a car accident, or is a victim of weather conditions. In this rare case, every client has a right to ask for a partial refund following our Money Back Policy. Also our company provide our customers with draft, for all orders whose deadline more than 24 hours.

3. Our Writers

Sometimes, yes. Just as most of our clients would like to preserve their privacy, most of our writers/editors want to stay confidential and avoid direct communication with their clients. However, all of our writers are accepting private messages from clients, so you can always communicate with him/her through the website. In case your project is really tough and you would like to actually talk to the person who is going to write your assignment, you will need to contact our custom support department and notify them about your request. We will find a writer/editor who accepts direct phone calls from clients and arrange everything for you.
We spend much time picking the best academics writers to work on your projects. Though we receive hundreds of applications each month, only a few are accepted and allowed to use our system. As soon as your order is assigned to a particular scholar, you can communicate with the person and ask any questions related to your assignment to find out if your writer is really proficient in the field.

4. Ordering process

Go to our Order page and fill out the order form to provide us with all necessary details and information regarding your order. Usually, we start looking for a writer/editor to work on your project as soon as we get your payment, however, we can allocate a writer/editor for your assignment prior to receiving the funds.
Yes. You can pay with your PayPal balance, bank account or debit/credit card.
Absolutely. PayPal is an extremely secure online payment service that guarantees purchase protection, transaction monitoring, seller verification, and security of financial information.
If you have made a mistake while making an order, please contact our customer support department via phone (+1 (855) 254 6593), email (, or Live Chat.
Once your order is ready, we upload it to your personal order page on the website and email it to your specified email address.
If your selected scholar sends you a message through the website, you will instantly receive an email notification with a direct link to the note.

5. Cheating and Plagiarism

Yes. is a division of Premium Writers Corp. American firm have to strictly follow the consumer protection laws, fair trading directives and sale of goods and services legislations. When your consumer rights are violated, you have a simple legal recourse and can easily reclaim your payment. Our services conform 100% to all relevant legislation in the US, and our staff and clients can be assured that in contracting our services they are not in contravention of any US laws.
Simply put, NO.